an invitation to writers

Greetings everyone! Here is an invitation to writers and dreamers to submit their work for the upcoming anthology – Quiet Pulls to be published by Spectrum of Thoughts. Theme -: The book outlines the inexplicable mysteries of the soul beyond the bounds of rationalism.Genre -: OpenLanguage -: Hindi, EnglishEntry Fees -: Rs 250Submission ends onContinue reading “an invitation to writers”

a feminine pen

A woman’s pen must be sheepishly compliant, subjugated and enslaved. She must duck and dive when it comes to writing Junoesque, voluptuous words. She must never bare them by putting her hard-earned dignity at stake and never ever ever use blood-red ink because in her untold herstory the gender of her words is invariably feminine.Continue reading “a feminine pen”

the amnesty

Placing the receiver back to cradle he tries to gauge me “My sister took a dump because she was dumped,” He clarifies Silence glaringly flouts and wails, “Does it benefit you to any extent?” The air is too hard to heal, My eyes stay glued until he turns the corner; Summer is approaching, Pushing theContinue reading “the amnesty”