my first anniversary

Warning! : Rotten Humour is injurious to health. The reader is requested to read at his/her peril. A close look-see exposed the news to my view. I’m a year old ( WordPress is lying! ) and 195 wisest people of the world chose to follow me without any noticeable regrets! And maybe I am justContinue reading “my first anniversary”

last summer

Drowsy summer of last year when fragrance was nipped off the blooms, And the crisp scrunch of dry leaves rattled through dense sandalwood forest, When parched limbs of trees stricken in years blasted the earth sending their roots on the hunt, Last summer comatose days, in peril of dying, like etiolated leaves dangling in theContinue reading “last summer”


Who doesn’t love rain? When our thirsty ears lie in wait for rain drenched songs of earth. It’s my favourite season. 1.Pitter-patter prosody of heart’s crooning 2. Puddles and paper boats, air of festivity! The post is written in response to ‘Six word story prompt‘ hosted by Shweta

when it’s beating down

Beneath the towering peaks, Tall erect trees and lush blossoming meads, Sky larks soaring into the blue sky; It’s boiling, seething up, erupting underneath, deep down the burnt red-black sod of isle; When the sea-mist drifts off From undulating golden surface to coalesce with grey fumes and ashes, it patters on, beating out an intenseContinue reading “when it’s beating down”