a feminine pen

A woman’s pen must be sheepishly compliant, subjugated and enslaved. She must duck and dive when it comes to writing Junoesque, voluptuous words. She must never bare them by putting her hard-earned dignity at stake and never ever ever use blood-red ink because in her untold herstory the gender of her words is invariably feminine.Continue reading “a feminine pen”

don’t choose! ( in the aftermath of the demand of dowry )

I heeded them whipping their own souls If they still had How can you sanctify it or concoct clever excuses? How can you sanctify excuses that come with such cruelness? How convenient it was to be blind to the sufferings and pain you always knew were there? How could you sanctify the vicissitudes of gradualContinue reading “don’t choose! ( in the aftermath of the demand of dowry )”