unfazed dreams

Unfettered, blinkers slipping out Fail to comfort with the grace of a whore Wilting dialogues push up the daisies No longer flushed with warmth and kinship Dreams unfold handsomely The ghost of fathers pull back to match your stride Yet to reach the police station sited at a stone’s throw Puddles of daughter’s blood stillContinue reading “unfazed dreams”


Surreptitious climbers noiselessly creeping along the parapet sidle away hurriedly When your satin fingers wickedly graze my fiery skin An avalanche of wispy dayspring-blossoms burgeon amid your ardent foliage Warm sun streaming through your skin tassels me Pulling up me short and my heart skips a beat An effervescent medley of joyous seasons Softly coalescesContinue reading “blossoming”

last summer

Drowsy summer of last year when fragrance was nipped off the blooms, And the crisp scrunch of dry leaves rattled through dense sandalwood forest, When parched limbs of trees stricken in years blasted the earth sending their roots on the hunt, Last summer comatose days, in peril of dying, like etiolated leaves dangling in theContinue reading “last summer”