beloved inamorata

Sometimes, I passed the time of the day with you, But you, silently, slipped inside your home; Somehow my impatient heart, still, got it through, A sweet longing made my thirsty eyes roam; This unrequited love with a token of gratitude, Day and night, sneaking in my soul’s loam; The post is written in responseContinue reading “beloved inamorata”

you may never know

Yesterday I chanced across an unlooked-for benison when my eyes fell upon you… Lounging on the grassy riverbank with your back propped against the Kadamb tree Your long wispy hair waving and flapping in the soft warm breeze Your large hazel eyes, quiet yet so deep gazing at the sunset Your lips fluttered spasmodically asContinue reading “you may never know”

as clear as your heart

I could hear your songas clear as a belleven in your hushed and vague demeanour As plain as pike-staffI noticed, how your shaking voicebelied your words Stifling my thirst forthose three wordsbeaded in your soft voice My cavalier heart cried at the top of its voice“You liar!” It’s highly improbablethat you were unmindful ofmy tenderContinue reading “as clear as your heart”