Love! Love! Love!

Love empowers. Hate disempowers, enslaved you, blindly toils to take away the right to your own life. Love and survival, two most powerful words that symbolize the commanding forces of nature. Love is spirit and isn’t tied to merely romance. It could be your mother, father, teacher, colleague, neighbour, stranger, friend, daughter, guru, virtually anyoneContinue reading “Love! Love! Love!”


Brumal tales woven through the fringe of her eyelashes, her eyes curled in soft crinkles. Her gaze, habitually aloof, drifted outside the thatched cottage. ” How did you come to know that drover?” he asked sternly. Suddenly her luscious eyes grew paler. Her glassy face mirrored the embers crackling ahead of her. ” I sawContinue reading “everlasting”

beloved supriya

I feel so thrilled to share an old post that I inadvertently came across today. Hope you enjoy it. Happy reading! Those impassioned, rhapsodic lyrics undulated gently upon my ears in a sublime mellifluous cadence. An irresistible power devoutly cajoled me into discovering the source of sweetness. Driving through the night I desperately peered intoContinue reading “beloved supriya”

telltale whiff

We got the rollicking for the telltale whiff Of the savory roars of our teenage dalliance In the liturgical hickeys that furl and flourish behind the tattering piles of blossoms masterfully camouflaged behind the camera at the nape of cold and satin-smooth pebbles knelt on the marshmallows Cloyingly sprawled across the sticky lips of PillowyContinue reading “telltale whiff”

i will meet you there

There is a field out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing. I’ll meet you there. ~ Rumi As the silver clouds which are swirling and running an errand across the flickering horizons augur auspiciously, I know you’re awaiting my arrival in the temple sited by the babbling river. Perched on the marble floor, I see you aflame like camphor andContinue reading “i will meet you there”


The unheralded sojourn of blooms and silky pollen dust, the accomplice, ever so often tugging along with your thoughts, tiptoed from beckoning byways of a distant past and moved to my quiet forsaken nights. Life had issued an edict ordering your permanent tenancy in my heart. A hushed song poking through blossoming bougainvillaea hanging acrossContinue reading “inevitable”