dreams? available!

You are Biden, With your love bulging at the seams Nurturing, healing the breaches My heart is Trump Never concedes defeat! Joanna flicked a gaze at John, his mind befogged by some unsolicited fondness. ” Eliminating unavailable stuff will make your life functional.” ” Unavailable…like?” ” Unavailable love, unavailable respect, unavailable knowledge, ideas, unavailable support,Continue reading “dreams? available!”

the courtroom

“My lord, please, ask her who was she dreaming about?” asked the lawyer grimly in an authoritarian voice. She felt weak in the knees as if someone poured buckets of molten lava in her ears. “a…a…aai…I…” She stuttered looking downcast, red in the face. ” SAY IT!!” The lawyer glowered at her. Not that sheContinue reading “the courtroom”

r.i.p shutter & butter

” I have bought a new flat, branded furniture, new bed, new…” she went outside to announce and returned. At 3 o’clock I saw her holding a photo album and legging it. As she stepped inside, she mistakenly trod on the painting laid on the floor for drying. “Awww you paint! Geez Louise, it’s awful!”Continue reading “r.i.p shutter & butter”

who is at the door?

Alarm’s screech reached a deafening crescendo. After hitting the snooze button I drew the blanket over my head. Wasting my precious life just for a lark? Hell NO! It’s time to exert myself to catch some extra delightful, gorgeous Zs. More determined, I instantly drifted off to sleep… “zzzzzZZZ….” “Ding-Dong!” Dulcet doorbell lured me to….noContinue reading “who is at the door?”

a thump in the neighbourhood

All of a sudden a loud thump caught Michelle’s attention. Immediately she trotted down to Aunt Lecunia, her next-door neighbour. *** An hour ago she arrived home after a long humdrum day, planning to put her feet up. Famished, she padded barefoot to the kitchen. Looking for something to sate her appetite, she ferreted inContinue reading “a thump in the neighbourhood”