the orphanage

Saltmort hunkered down for a flat stone and skimmed it along the lake. On turning back he scrambled up to the grassy bank, plonked down casting a glance around. His old ramshackle orphanage stood right ahead of him. Its dilapidated doors, worn patches on the wall, weathered stone steps, etiolated creepers curling around the pergolaContinue reading “the orphanage”

a thump in the neighbourhood

All of a sudden a loud thump caught Michelle’s attention. Immediately she trotted down to Aunt Lecunia, her next-door neighbour. *** An hour ago she arrived home after a long humdrum day, planning to put her feet up. Famished, she padded barefoot to the kitchen. Looking for something to sate her appetite, she ferreted inContinue reading “a thump in the neighbourhood”

the infection

“Longbottom’s got infected” said Michael pitching the ball across the yard. “How come? What’s the source?” Bon swivel round and watched Fluffy making a dart for the ball. “Newspaper” “In my humble opinion, newspapers don’t spread Corona. By the way, I read every day, never got infected. I keep an eye for the danger. IfContinue reading “the infection”

number four private drive

Mr Dursley, as usual, had a perfectly normal, night-owls-free day or so the story goes. He shrieked at five to eight normal people, made several important telephone calls and a wee bit of normal shouting. He did fawn over those who deserved. In his normal desire to hit someone he yelled at his mother-in-law, dashedContinue reading “number four private drive”

in quest of an ice-cream

Lying on the couch I swapped my legs, gave a quick once-over to the clock and tried to calculate. It’s around half an hour since I am twiddling my thumbs, watching TV and cooling my heels for his arrival. It’s crazy to wander around underneath this scorching sun just for an ice-cream! The post goesContinue reading “in quest of an ice-cream”

what do you see?

That doesn’t demand anything, is just a little observant, Half-awake & half-asleep That which isn’t attached to demand or possessions. Pays no heed to the righteous or to the murmur. Humanity? Truth? Lies? “What do you see?“ ” It’s not really about what I see. It’s more about the prospect. I am setting my intentionContinue reading “what do you see?”