the courtroom

“My lord, please, ask her who was she dreaming about?” asked the lawyer grimly in an authoritarian voice. She felt weak in the knees as if someone poured buckets of molten lava in her ears. “a…a…aai…I…” She stuttered looking downcast, red in the face. ” SAY IT!!” The lawyer glowered at her. Not that sheContinue reading “the courtroom”

crystal ball

Prammy scratched his grizzly unshaven face and poked his head through the door. Witchy Witch was still peering into the crystal ball. Prammy continued to meander in and out. Anorexia? Wish he could frogmarch her to the dining..He heaved a deep sigh. After a short while, Witchy Witch sauntered into the sitting and ensconced herselfContinue reading “crystal ball”

r.i.p shutter & butter

” I have bought a new flat, branded furniture, new bed, new…” she went outside to announce and returned. At 3 o’clock I saw her holding a photo album and legging it. As she stepped inside, she mistakenly trod on the painting laid on the floor for drying. “Awww you paint! Geez Louise, it’s awful!”Continue reading “r.i.p shutter & butter”

hit by agastopia

I remember how you convulsed when I shook your hands with all my might. Though, struck by a massive agastopia, you couldn’t tear your eyes off her firm, round and huge cheeks. I’ll wagger, you yearned for them! You watched them sway, left-right-left… until they were out of your sight. When you came to yourContinue reading “hit by agastopia”

who is at the door?

Alarm’s screech reached a deafening crescendo. After hitting the snooze button I drew the blanket over my head. Wasting my precious life just for a lark? Hell NO! It’s time to exert myself to catch some extra delightful, gorgeous Zs. More determined, I instantly drifted off to sleep… “zzzzzZZZ….” “Ding-Dong!” Dulcet doorbell lured me to….noContinue reading “who is at the door?”


She: “What are you cooking?” Me: “eh…erm…” She: “Ok-ok so how long are you cooking and whom are you cooking for?” Me: “..erm..d’oh..” Head slap She: “Does anyone know about what you’re cooking?“ Me: “er… ho-hum..?” “We need elaborate guidelines for small talk ethics.” Methinks..or just get the hell outta here! 😂

the long forgotten vale

Nunez lent his ears to the commotion coming from underneath the parochial shells. The vale, separated and long forgotten by the world at large, was tainted by arbitrary passe. Visual impairment sprung to pervasive inane ramblings. There were traces of nefarious activities behind the rampancy. Fifteen generations went without eyes. Usually the rambling was latchedContinue reading “the long forgotten vale”