we grew up when we learned it

The secret of outmanoeuvring doesn’t lie in criticism. But performing better than your opponent. Talent and effort speak for itself. Best people never care for being the best… *** We don’t need to be flawless We don’t need to be the best We will succeed as we are We will celebrate this fest *** GrowingContinue reading “we grew up when we learned it”

no matter how you pose, we always love your nose!

Without a gnome, Christmas is incomplete. Here I have collected some beautiful gnomes from Pinterest. We owe our thankful gratitude to the creators. Dear Santa, show me the ropes, You’re our only beacon of hope. πŸŽ… A gnome is a mythological creature and diminutive spirit in Renaissance magic and alchemy, first introduced by Paracelsus in the 16th century and later adopted by moreContinue reading “no matter how you pose, we always love your nose!”

my next move

ARIES πŸ‘ No longer goes to punch anybody’s light out even for all the tea in China! TAURUS πŸ‚ Keeps the beady eyes on the daily hair-care routine of Rapunzel. GEMINI πŸ’‘ Sets someone’s pulse racing by talking the hind limb off a donkey. CANCER πŸ¦€ Puts out cattle to pasture and teaches the grandmotherContinue reading “my next move”

pondering about values and self-esteem

Somewhere someone inscribed about being self-taught, someone said that mind must be led forward towards ever-widening thought and action, to live by holding your head high but these words are my occasional dalliance. My life is lost in the dreary desert sand of dead habitual practices. My father believed in performing obeisance to people dependingContinue reading “pondering about values and self-esteem”

space for breathing in such fragile world

Somewhere it reads that it doesn’t matter what someone else has done, how someone else has lived until you succeed at doing and living that. Another person writes that everyone must have the freedom to be limited by his own mind as you have. The even-handedness of the notion of freedom is quite relatable. It’sContinue reading “space for breathing in such fragile world”

Lockdown Bites β€” UnknownShri’s Fiction

Captivating. Sensuality blending beautifully with the current scenario of pandemic. A sexually-liberated women is having a gala time when her partner says something that horrifies her. She had chosen to voluntarily lock her down with him but easily manages to return to her place. A conversation with her roommate calms her down. Her eyelids shot open.Continue reading “Lockdown Bites β€” UnknownShri’s Fiction”

All Poetry Contest (Ends December 3rd, 2020). β€” Lucy’s Works

Hello everyone. I am currently hosting a contest through All Poetry, and it is centered around writing poetry inspired by Wallace Stevens. This is the first poetry contest I am doing through there and if anyone would like to participate, you must submit your entry through All Poetry. The contest ends on December 3rd, 2020Β […]Continue reading “All Poetry Contest (Ends December 3rd, 2020). β€” Lucy’s Works”