All Poetry Contest (Ends December 3rd, 2020). — Lucy’s Works

Hello everyone. I am currently hosting a contest through All Poetry, and it is centered around writing poetry inspired by Wallace Stevens. This is the first poetry contest I am doing through there and if anyone would like to participate, you must submit your entry through All Poetry. The contest ends on December 3rd, 2020 […]Continue reading “All Poetry Contest (Ends December 3rd, 2020). — Lucy’s Works”

David by John Young — Dreaming in Fiction

A brilliant summer’s morning and David, an introspective, but ever curious, thirteen-year-old child, is walking alone as he often does in the countryside near his home. His preference for his own company sometimes worries his parents as does his remarkable capacity to accept and tolerate pain.  Though small for his age he is at school […]Continue reading “David by John Young — Dreaming in Fiction”

Submit your blog for free to the Blog Directory — Cristian Mihai

Do you want more readers for your blog? For free? Submit your blog to the blogging directory by clicking this link here. Click on Add Listing… Select your category, based on your blog’s main topic. Write down a few words about your blog, add your blog’s link, a couple of tags, and that’s it. Did […]Continue reading “Submit your blog for free to the Blog Directory — Cristian Mihai”

we grew up when we learned it

The secret of outmanoeuvring doesn’t lie in criticism. But performing better than your opponent. Talent and effort speak for itself. Best people never care for being the best… *** We don’t need to be flawless We don’t need to be the best We will succeed as we are We will celebrate this fest *** GrowingContinue reading “we grew up when we learned it”

society soup – the ideal world – how to protect and serve to abuse

The thought came to me without warning. I felt this urge to make a mockery of how people were living their lives or enjoying their time. At least I had something to say at the moment on the social media. That’s what it was made for after all. It feels good that I have controlContinue reading “society soup – the ideal world – how to protect and serve to abuse”

things i’m yet to ask you

My beloved, I offer my thankful gratitude to you for your benevolence and generosity. Eventually, I decided to resort to love and yet the question, rather rhetorical, hangs over its nature, origin and even…orientation? Whether this love is contingent on the presence or the absence of sex? These questions have been howling through the crevicesContinue reading “things i’m yet to ask you”