under arrest

” People can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves.” said John and sprinted off to take a slash… “Woof!” I stole a furtive glance at Tommy. I’ll wager his woofing would hardly score in the WordPress popularity stakes as John’s quote would undoubtedly do. I surely didn’t want to draw hisContinue reading “under arrest”

spriggy spells

Seven dawns of mallow sprigs burgeoning opaline white and pink wushu, Milkwort and chittling in the broth of roseate tears, Flirting placidly with blue furrica, Ocre seeds venture to nine sprouts of incantation, Listen to the teal foliage and twice the butter blooms. I have written this poem in response to ‘Saturday Mix – MadContinue reading “spriggy spells”

on the far side of reality

The splashing of pink rain boots announced her impending arrival. Squelching through the blizzard she pelted off to the lift and flung her hand to scrabble for the buttons. 1..2..3.. down. Time was running fast. Come on. Glassy pearls of sweat glistened onto her forehead. Finally, the lift stopped. Phew! Dripping with sweat she lookedContinue reading “on the far side of reality”


Brumal tales woven through the fringe of her eyelashes, her eyes were curled in soft crinkles. Her gaze drifted outside the thatched cottage. ” How do you know the drover?” he asked sternly. Suddenly her luscious eyes grew paler. Her glassy face mirrored the flames of burning embers ahead of her. ” I saw him.”Continue reading “everlasting”