when they crashed into each other

And that’s how Darby and John crashed into each other or so the story goes… ” Woe betide anyone who comes closer!” She drew her sword from the sheath and stuck it to his neck. “Better set your face against any temptation.” Her ruthless gaze flared up. He quickly seized hold of her hand andContinue reading “when they crashed into each other”

halcyon hums

Arid chasms that transmute into whetstone with diamond edges of the petals of water lilies, hewn out of silvery shards along the ecliptic, borne upon the plumpness of audacious cravings; where affluent wisps of halcyon, ovulate mighty pull of auspices of the hum of indigenous hummingbirds, dosing joyous splodges of their gaze harboured in iridescentContinue reading “halcyon hums”

mythical creature

Jeff flicked a glance at Shean who was plonked in the armchair warming herself by the side of the flaming embers. “Have you heard about those gryphons?” asked Jeff nibbling cookies. “Ooooh, the mystery deepens! Did they prepare a lavish slap-up dinner for you?” Shean batted her eyes smugly. “Yep, when I stumbled upon themContinue reading “mythical creature”

parched air

On ripening of time, lush shrubs lipping ochre bark of perennials have vanished in the thin air. Perhaps somewhere biding their time, anticipating the frolicsome squelch of little galoshes during salubrious times. Leaves ranging from golden amber to tawny and deep brown colours have embarked on their next journey, ceding to the mystical inner quest.Continue reading “parched air”

the courtroom

“My lord, please, ask her who was she dreaming about?” asked the lawyer grimly in an authoritarian voice. She felt weak in the knees as if someone poured buckets of molten lava in her ears. “a…a…aai…I…” She stuttered looking downcast, red in the face. ” SAY IT!!” The lawyer glowered at her. Not that sheContinue reading “the courtroom”