another blow in the chest

I woke up in 2021…They talked about the year’s demise. The cadaverous yesteryear, perchance, is still lurking in the venomous, moth-eaten chronicles. Putrifying, wafting off an exceptional noisome smell. Once again the year begins with a pound in the chest, completely knocking you down. Standing at the cul-de-sac my eyes glazed over the sable night.Continue reading “another blow in the chest”

life lessons

Winters, during those days, didn’t use to strike bleakly and stodgy food didn’t scare the hell out of you. I was lost in my thoughts when, all of a sudden, a car stopped alongside in the proximity with Vedna, Bunny and their irrefutable team poking their heads out of the window and calling out ourContinue reading “life lessons”

white pearls

Her mother’s chronic illness turned the tide of her life. Sometimes her mother gazed blankly at the faraway distant clouds and tears rolled down her pallid cadaverous cheeks. Venu fought back her tears that welled up in her colossal luminous eyes. For a girl in her adolescence, it could be an arduous task to raiseContinue reading “white pearls”