beyond the realm of affordablity

I have loved you in the itchy moments of bizarre possibilities at the same time coming to terms with the fact that I will never chance to hear “Now I pronounce you man and wife,”. Yet, I heard the tapping of your tentative steps shambling up to me in my bittersweet longing for shared bliss.Continue reading “beyond the realm of affordablity”

when they crashed into each other

And that’s how Darby and John crashed into each other or so the story goes… ” Woe betide anyone who comes closer!” She drew her sword from the sheath and stuck it to his neck. “Better set your face against any temptation.” Her ruthless gaze flared up. He quickly seized hold of her hand andContinue reading “when they crashed into each other”

without you by my side

I fell out of love, I must confess. Love that was proliferating underneath our well-worn facade. I wildly lamented and howled at the crumbling of my shell and it was gnawing at me. Falling out of love was just a part of incessant, infinite fall. Over and over again. I shuddered with an unknown forebodingContinue reading “without you by my side”


Putting things in order, running like a headless chicken days went by. It’s just a few weeks since Tim pulled up the stakes and moved to this small town of India. Clearly, he didn’t know anyone here from Adams. When his new po-faced neighbour Mr Dixit raved about the girl next door, his heart turnedContinue reading “gentleman”

tonight my projection

The ghost of accumulated dreams is finally laid _ I hedge my bets From tracles of suitors Who peer at the impish roses Adorning my raven hair Soaked with scented lores Of secret nights _ When I pass by the mirror Torrents of my silent odeillade embodying my passion are laid to waste as you’reContinue reading “tonight my projection”

a small token of gratitude

I yawned and leisurely picked up the newspaper and flicked a cursory glance. Yippee! India won! But..unfortunately I didn’t know much about cricket…Well, I wasn’t an artist, nonetheless, I decided to draw something. Then I grabbed a pen and wrote a letter of appreciation to the Indian Team. Dear Indian Cricket Team, I want toContinue reading “a small token of gratitude”


“She was thinking what I think she was thinking, wasn’t she?” Edward chuckled softly “Yes”. Bella lolled on the bed curling her arms around his neck. “I have a surprise for you” “Very honeymoonish” Edward approved. “Is it flowery?” “It’s feathery” Bella said ponderingly fixing her gaze outside the window. (That’s why movies fall flatContinue reading “feathery”