A jinx A grim fate A cloud of monsoon gone for a burton. Frazzled limbs of mountain ash Heave an icy sighAlong the parched wildernessMingling with a faint gurgleOf feeble creeks and gorge. Hyacinth dissuade hyenasFrom hiding. Chameleons Lickety-split scuttle up the twigs.Sore afraid Unsightly monstrosityShadows decapitated A wheeling eagle bends his pate Coldly exploresContinue reading “ashen”

a tiny whit of time

A tiny whit of timecaught in a time warpwithout wings nosedived into deep waterswithdrawn into mother earth’s amniotic sac a feckless mama’s boya dour misanthropedestiny’s childbedevilled by occurrencessuffered a fate! but there, in the mother’s wombthere is enough water for the feeble fragmentsto be swaddled in fairy mother’s embrace every night the moonlight simmers gentlyContinue reading “a tiny whit of time”

mocking and blocking

Wanting a wee bit pizzazz is not so demeaning. Joggle and wave your scooty or just pettifogging Mocking and blocking birds doss nonstop mock to block Awaiting to hear your keening soprano choke While some push to open up, improve and shine no matter what you earn — is just fine Boundaries lay firm, flexibleContinue reading “mocking and blocking”

you may never know

Yesterday I chanced across an unlooked-for benison when my eyes fell upon you… Lounging on the grassy riverbank with your back propped against the Kadamb tree Your long wispy hair waving and flapping in the soft warm breeze Your large hazel eyes, quiet yet so deep gazing at the sunset Your lips fluttered spasmodically asContinue reading “you may never know”

what if..?

Everyone has something to offerEveryone will let you have somethingA touch, a glance, a feeling or a little spaceWords have a hidden treasure buried beneath themSomething more than wordsWhat you accept or reject is contingent upon youBut remember, there’s always a need to explainFor you;Whom will you allow and whom you won’t?Don’t you buy everything?Don’tContinue reading “what if..?”