don’t choose! ( in the aftermath of the demand of dowry )

I heeded them whipping their own souls If they still had How can you sanctify it or concoct clever excuses? How can you sanctify excuses that come with such cruelness? How convenient it was to be blind to the sufferings and pain you always knew were there? How could you sanctify the vicissitudes of gradualContinue reading “don’t choose! ( in the aftermath of the demand of dowry )”

halcyon hums

Arid chasms that transmute into whetstone with diamond edges of the petals of water lilies, hewn out of silvery shards along the ecliptic, borne upon the plumpness of audacious cravings; where affluent wisps of halcyon, ovulate mighty pull of auspices of the hum of indigenous hummingbirds, dosing joyous splodges of their gaze harboured in iridescentContinue reading “halcyon hums”