to a salubrious culmination

Musty corners of the house, worsted by ennui and despair that seep through mossy fissured walls seized by bounties of filigree of climbers, Spilling across mouldy antiquated windows *** Hoisting onto the back of sagacious winters Donned in milky fur rob Howls amok like a man Making the piercing chill do its worst Brings meContinue reading “to a salubrious culmination”

the wisdom of chaos

I feel delighted at winning the contest – ‘Write a piece inspired by Wallace Stevens’ poetry’ hosted by Ellie Onka. With utmost respect, I would like to thank Lucy for choosing my piece, for always inspiring me with her extraordinary comprehension of language and literature.I would also thank all the participants for inspiring me with theirContinue reading “the wisdom of chaos”

a leisurely day

Silence, a celebration and a song Yields an undefeated day that I long Leisurely humming about an old tune Hoick up my skirt to dance with loons The sea of calm and serenity Today’s benison and magnanimity Thrumming like a pellucid stream A gentle nudge of my cherished dream Goes to Photo Challenge #340 hostedContinue reading “a leisurely day”

spriggy spells

Seven dawns of mallow sprigs burgeoning opaline white and pink wushu, Milkwort and chittling in the broth of roseate tears, Flirting placidly with blue furrica, Ocre seeds venture to nine sprouts of incantation, Listen to the teal foliage and twice the butter blooms. I have written this poem in response to ‘Saturday Mix – MadContinue reading “spriggy spells”


The cupidity of cracking bonesfor the Psalm of celestial blooms Hemlock,crushed underneath the lids of a mountain,branching out sinewsof souvenirs Cadavers of Canaries birthing night-sodden bonesdripping with moreish liquor A sine qua non for rhythmic foraysof bloomsLeaping lightlyEngulfing the cerulean chasm Photo saved from Pinterest