an artist

All one has to learn
is how to burn
By the last drop of oil left

That’s the goal
But it takes a heavy toll;

The night is dour
But he will never make a detour;
Having ventured into the dark,
Catching finer threads of the spark;
To know —
the strength of a flickering flame,
the faintest glimmer of hope,
and its unfailing brilliance;

That’s how light’s strung on his soul,
Adorned with a sparkling spectrum of ambivalent emotions;
But I know we trip more often
Than you would ever know
And knock over the lamp..
Got to bear this stamp.

This post goes to Eugenia’s 15th June weekly prompt ‘Brilliance ‘.

mirthful renewal

As damask slowly creeps over the horizon heralding that the light always subsists. Leaves grow greener and birds hop about on tree bough chirping their cheery notes. Every morn the spirit of the world renewed.

faintest trace of dark
sinks into oblivion
mirthful renewal

This haiku goes to Eugenia’s weekly prompt ‘renewal‘.

i spell out your name yet again

This irrational longing for the luxury of your warmth;

The salty tang rolling off my tongue;

I am entranced by the sweetness of your charm that indelibly gloms onto my soul.

I have words stuck in my throat that will never yield a valid conclusion.

And I am falling back upon your undying presence…

I could sense an edge to your voice tinged with desperation resulting from intolerable sleepless nights;

Under the shadow of merciless rain your arms folding me into a firm clasp;

Your salmon pink eyes brimming with amorous ardour,

And raindrops running down your angelic visage;

That deafening thumping of your heart underneath the rain-sodden T-Shirt;

Your stubbles grazing my cheeks and the heat of flush that still passes over my skin;

The crisp aroma of your breath that envelopes me even now as you lay your cerise lips on top of my fervent one;

I am counting the tattoos of deep maroon wildflowers on the edge of my bosom;

that lent your name to love…

I glance around in a hopeless yearning for your soft whispers now tucked away in mist;

In this intoxicated stupor, the last vestige of restraint is slipping through my fingers;

And I am still looking for a plausible elucidation.

With reckless abandon I spell out your name yet again

Awakened to the fallacy of sobriety,

I am a lover through and through.