r.i.p shutter & butter

” I have bought a new flat, branded furniture, new bed, new…” she went outside to announce and returned.

At 3 o’clock I saw her holding a photo album and legging it. As she stepped inside, she mistakenly trod on the painting laid on the floor for drying.

“Awww you paint! Geez Louise, it’s awful!” Spitting out of her unrequited disgust she vaulted over the painting.

“The painting I have brought home yesterday, do you know who is t he artist? M. F. Husain!” She said, preening before the mirror and batting her eyes.

After juggling her dress she adjusted her bra straps and plonked in the couch.

I offered her tea in the cup called ‘Butter’ while I sipped from ‘Shutter’.

“Do you still go hunting?” I asked

“Nah…I am suffering from loose stools nowadays” she changed the video and rested the remote on the side table.

Unfortunately, I dropped Shutter and shattered it. At the same time, she smashed Butter into the wall and smeared my wall. The home was in an absolute shambles.

Painting saved from Pinterest

the truth

No canvas, not even proper training, no art class

I still grabbed hold a pencil and dared to draw a line

No matter how long I practice and scratch the paper

No matter how hard I try, I know, I can’t draw

Because, this thing, the art is not inside me

I don’t give much heed to snickers and jabs

They are merely a truth after all

Like many other truths that rend your gut

Yet honesty saves the time and we pay the price of the pain

Of millions of unaccounted hollow tendons round the spine of time

And the truth will surface from neath a million lies

I pay no heed to positivism

Or those who accept life as it is

I am not for positive people who accept everything

Peace, like suppression, must stifle you

Must choke you to death

And it won’t be a peaceful death

why did you drop the shutter?

Despite the disconcerting mayhem and the pandemic, 2020 has been one of the most creative and a wonderful year, so far, filled with numerous valuable learning experiences. I am grateful to have this privilege to be able to create and be a part of this community teeming with talent, striving for betterment in all areas, giving fillips to express individuality. Multiple avenues and so much to learn. I am absolutely proud of my endeavours. Hopefully, I will get more light and a better understanding with the passing time.

Here’s the haiku I have penned down in response to Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Cosmos”

Silver confetti
Sagacious cosmic dance
Dissolving trance

And if you’re smiling, I would say:
Your smile makes my heart flutter,
Why did you drop your shutter?

Keep smiling. Get creative. Team up with your tribe & Raise your vibe. 🤜🤛

hideous righteousness

In those slums
Stones quivered in her guts;
The harrowing throes of her ailing mother,
kept on heavy medication,
throbbed neath the unrepairable cracks of her heart;

Fangs bared,
the unlawful wail and insane burble
was finally tamed

Aeons passed;
Bursting with more gravels and boulders
Insane throbs and wails in her gut
plumbing the depth of despair
one day she trod in the land of souls
where her sinful burble
was neither loud nor unlawful
but was lent a compassionate ear,
without bellyaching;

where riches of heart
worth more than a king’s ransom,
She fathomed:
the need for substantiation
was the grandest loss of the soul

She reflected back when gutted
and discovered
the hum of her heart
the song of her soul
the flavour of family
and lasting love
was always there

hidden underneath
the commonplace righteous

hit by agastopia

I remember how you convulsed when I shook your hands with all my might.

Though, struck by a massive agastopia, you couldn’t tear your eyes off her firm, round and huge cheeks.

I’ll wagger, you yearned for them!

You watched them sway, left-right-left… until they were out of your sight.

When you came to your senses the train had left the station.

“You can’t catch the train as the fancy takes you!” Looking away in frustration I ejaculated.

You were a perfidious husband. Reconcilement was no longer an option.

The message was conveyed loud and clear…… .

The post goes to: The Daily Spur ‘Message‘, Ragtag Daily Prompt ‘Frustration‘, Fandango’s One-Word Challenge ‘Reconcile‘, Your Daily Word Prompt ‘Perfidious‘, and Word of the Day Challenge ‘Agastopia‘. Thanks, Fandango for the side-splitting humour. 😂

Untouchable — TheFeatheredSleep

l. I slept though I did not sleep onboard the memory of you wrapped around my legs entwined we touched, we did things in real life we would not like thirsty vines found purchase I wake hot with a sore-throat for calling you in dream you stay just far enough away to be exquisite, painful […]

Untouchable — TheFeatheredSleep

My morning started with this. Wow! We just want to read something like this. Untold, uncensored, beautiful flow, something as fresh as the first drop of rain. Staking blossoms in the brain. Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring to the budding writers. Ummmah…❤ Fabulous.

mortal dreams

The skeletal part is more exhilarating. While some skeletons go for a burton, others are not abided by the law of mortality, especially the ones who live in a decaying house. This nightmare is a case in point. Even when you don’t like skeletons, later they grow on you. Just like that.


As my glance alighted on the skeleton straddling a horse wanting to canoodle me, of course, in my dream or maybe in reality…I didn’t cow and we got into an altercation. The skeleton professed something close to the bones without mincing a word which clearly was the truth…but it was ample to drive anyone bonkers. As he rammed his story down my throat, it was clear that the skeleton was not an affable guy. My defiance predominantly depended upon the fact that my mother never properly counted legs. The skeleton, crooked as a dog’s hind leg, was the one in the wrong — in case you like to place the blame on someone. Even if I was at odds with him, I didn’t want to say anything incriminating as it was just a dream. There was no need to put someone’s nose out of joints if you’re strong enough to maintain the semblance of sanity even when it is just milking a duck.

Hence, instead of baring my bones, I gulped the acrid feelings back and kissed him goodbye. Next morning the grottiness petered out.

Photo saved from Google

Respectfully speaking — Reflectikon

Morals. Beautiful story. Ask Granny does it work? She is sanguine about it maybe because if you’re not optimistic, you’re a pessimist. 🙂

“…your stories and morals may not have practical application granny”, Hari took a deep breath. “Why! something happened at work today nani?”, smiled Grandma. “No I mean, not just today, as I interact with more people, and have all these meetings, I get that feeling…how should I explain to you…”, Hari tried to collect his […]

Respectfully speaking — Reflectikon

thank you

Hello everyone,

I owe you an apology for having been engrossed in my life so much, for not being able to acknowledge your generosity and support but finally, I decided to express my thanks to you for being such a wonderful community, for deeming my blog worth visiting and reading, dropping comments and helping me write better.

Though initially, I was planning to keep it private as a personal journal and practice writing alone yet, with the utmost respect, I would extend my gratitude to this wonderful community, you only enriched my writing experience and boost whatever little prowess I have, even though I haven’t been mentally prepared enough to give it a go.

For a start, to me, it was a hair raising, heady ride on a motorbike and even now I feel burnt to a frazzle and at times I surmised that I would go for a burton in no time. Nevertheless, somehow I managed to write, not much but as it is said enough is as good as a feast.

Hopefully, the combat will continue. To this wonderful community: You rock. Keep shining. Have a fabulous day.

Love & Peace to All.

~ Smita Ray