Brave and Reckless’ Creativity Prompt Challenge: Mad World — Go Dog Go Café

Like many of you, the last six months have taken a significant toll on me physically, emotionally, and cognitively.  I have been a sporadic blogger at best, sharing more information about Indie Blu(e) Publishing and other writers’ work than my own.  It has been so hard to decide what actually matters when 2020 keeps throwing […]

Brave and Reckless’ Creativity Prompt Challenge: Mad World — Go Dog Go Café

the courtroom

“My lord, please, ask her who was she dreaming about?” asked the lawyer grimly in an authoritarian voice.

She felt weak in the knees as if someone poured buckets of molten lava in her ears.


She stuttered looking downcast, red in the face.

” SAY IT!!”

The lawyer glowered at her.

Not that she was totally oblivious to life’s oddities but today she entirely failed to handle the situation. Discombobulated she looked above and made a prayer — Please God, send me a stand-in.

“Yes A..a…ai…”

Her head hung in shame, the confession was just a vague murmur.

Years of friends were torn asunder in the blink of an eye. Who could forgive her for such a grave infraction?

Beaming, the lawyer stroked his hair with his fingers, winked at her friend who hid a sneer behind her dark lipstick. She hugged her jacket tightly in her arms. Her heart writhing with grief she shot a reproachful glance at the sinner, grabbed her purse propped on her thighs and followed the crowd.

Unexpectedly she took out a pistol from her purse and…Bam!



Élan- dash; impetuous ardor
Asunder– into separate parts; in or into pieces
Oddity– an odd or remarkably unusual person, thing, or event.

Thank you so much for the goodies. 🥗🍖🍗🥙🍳🥚 🌮 😀

trolling fun

Oooo your timing is so hawwwt!

Ooooo your dp made me trawwwt!

Ooooo poetries make me then and there get wet!

Stalking quietly I am never too late!

Girls like it when trolls catcall

(Mind you ‘Girls!’)

Boasts her achievements yet she only trolls

Your dress! your smile!

Your dp! Your profile!


Your life! My choice!

Your slavery! My voice!


Your words! My mind!

My level! My finds!

Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!

The trolls have their own kinds of game!

Trolling is her level of fun why shame?

A once over and she scatters pearls of wisdom

How everyone must learn this kind of freedom!

“Every dot tells a story.”

P.S: A humorous and sarcastic take on trolling

crystal ball

Prammy scratched his grizzly unshaven face and poked his head through the door.

Witchy Witch was still peering into the crystal ball.

Prammy continued to meander in and out. Anorexia? Wish he could frogmarch her to the dining..He heaved a deep sigh.

After a short while, Witchy Witch sauntered into the sitting and ensconced herself on the sofa.

” Need a cuppa?” Prammy crooned glancing sidelong at her.

” No thanks. I’d better mosey along.”

Prammy silently watched her stalking away. Is she in cahoots with someone?

No sooner had Witchy Witch left than Prammy heard the blast…

Eugi’s weekly prompt. Thank you so much for the prompt and such a lovely quote Eugenia. 🙂

ups and downs

I finished the jog and went to blog but decided to pop my clog.

Now as it seems that the frog in my throat is getting your goat.

Maybe we are in the same boat, yet, sudden plights, help gain sight.

So, have a head for heights to ease off downs and ups and small hiccups.

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The Vers Beaucoup, a poem for created by Curt Mongold, which is French for “many rhymes”. Each stanza consists of four lines with a rhyming word scheme of:


Each rhyme can only use a MAXIMUM of three words. The fourth “a” rhyme carried over to the second line causes enjambment and creates a strong internal rhyming structure.

It was a completely new form of verse. Thanks, Veejars for taking us to this adventure. 🙂

the moon

I am greatly honoured and humbled to announce that my first poem ‘The Moon’ has been published on Spillwords. I present my thankful gratitude to Spillwords team for accepting and publishing my work. I am deeply grateful to the writers’ community on WordPress for their valuable knowledge and support . Thank you-all. ❤

To read the poem on Spillwords please click the link below.


fingered it
felt it in my bones
his forms were tangible

first endeavour to shape-shift
was brought to nought
out of cocoon,

My first attempt at ‘Mirror Oddquain’. Oddquain is a short, usually unrhymed poem consisting of seventeen syllables distributed 1, 3, 5, 7, 1  in five lines only as a poem, developed by Glenda L. Hand. Mirror oddquains – a two stanza oddquain sequence of the pattern 1/3/5/7/1  1/7/5/3/1. Thank you much Goutam for imparting the knowledge of this verse to us.


” Don’t speak with a forked tongue.”

I chuckle and squint at the bird as the vampire turns to woods.

The truth seems a cold day in the hell for a few centuries.

In this calm and infinite field each drop of consciousness endlessly emerges and dissolves.

Numerous transitory, amorphous truths, engirdled with impermeable brume that verge on the unknown.
Obscuring from the truth.

Every day pervasive darkness falls at twilight and quietly the mist thins out
It’s clearer than ever.

I hunt for an end nowhere in the sight,

Or conceivably the notion of ‘now’ is a hum of seamless endings.
Nothing else.

As though venturing into a conscious death, in the dead of night.

I force me to believe that there was time before me but fail.
Without fail.

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