no matter how you pose, we always love your nose!

Without a gnome, Christmas is incomplete. Here I have collected some beautiful gnomes from Pinterest. We owe our thankful gratitude to the creators. Dear Santa, show me the ropes, You’re our only beacon of hope. πŸŽ… A gnome is a mythological creature and diminutive spirit in Renaissance magic and alchemy, first introduced by Paracelsus in the 16th century and later adopted by moreContinue reading “no matter how you pose, we always love your nose!”

my next move

ARIES πŸ‘ Not going to punch anybody’s light out even for all the tea in China! TAURUS πŸ‚ Keep the beady eyes on the daily hair-care routine of Rapunzel. GEMINI πŸ’‘ Set someone’s pulse racing by talking the hind limb off a donkey. CANCER πŸ¦€ Put out cattle to pasture and teach the grandmother toContinue reading “my next move”

a long-cherished dream

As guests were swarming up, the din was enough to plague a saint. Well, only a saint, because most of them were swaying their asses on DJ. But something seemed off. When they awaited the bride – Lydia, she fiddled while Rome was aflame. Neela raked her head for the probable cause. In case sheContinue reading “a long-cherished dream”

merry christmas! πŸŽ…

In this kingdom of the greatest Lord, Our small hearts have greater walls; Though, small we may choose to play, No matter how enormous is the fall; No matter how naughty we are sometimes, When we are doing our crazy rolls; We all are part of this vast oneness, Where hopes and magic never pall;Continue reading “merry christmas! πŸŽ…”

my homage to imperfect women

How to discern the obscure line between imperfect and abused? She said, Sometimes he listens to film songs. Sometimes he yells, Hauls her over the coals. Sometimes he abuses, And sometimes he makes fun of her. Sometimes he shames her for what she wears, and sometimes for what she doesn’t do, Sometimes he shames herContinue reading “my homage to imperfect women”

naked bananas!

Ruhela who lived in Bumthali, was staring at the neighbouring girl. She winked at Ganitha and whispered something in her ears and they convulsed with laughter. She picked up an orange and licked lustfully then peered at the girls’ breasts for some time and tried to study the direction where her eyes roamed. Ganditha lickedContinue reading “naked bananas!”

Bleeding Words β€” Cristian Mihai

Cristian Mihai is a renowned blogger. He loves motivating and inspiring people through their life journey and helps them become a self-healer. You may find him putting the wind in others sail on WordPress, Medium and other blogging platforms. To know more of him and read his articles please, do visit his blog. Sixteen yearsContinue reading “Bleeding Words β€” Cristian Mihai”

some call it death

Women ensnared in obsolete machinery, Women who don’t have strong ideals or compassion for other sufferers, Spuriously, moulding the perception of pain in the name of a facade. Women who have failed to develop the capacity to empathise. Those women who are often the first to show remorse And shed their crocodile tears. Evidently, theyContinue reading “some call it death”