heather valley

The trail alluringly undulates for miles approaching the widespread rocky terrain. The purple heather field sluggishly crouches around the valley and girdles towering hills and precipitous cliffs. With golden sky bespattered with soft feathery clouds, the valley gleams like a cristal in the daylight. The grand and magnificent panorama of the valley is only augmentedContinue reading “heather valley”


A hushed morning, with winter slowly maturing, melting into buttery sunshine. The storm brewing for two days now, though seemingly feeble, has receded. Cool breeze doesn’t prickle face and limbs any longer. Wispy sheets of silver snow neatly settled on the surface of the lake thaws. Woods alongside the lake, crawling with butterflies and birdsContinue reading “silver”

in the land of nod

Roaming the wildernessalong the nature trailsLazing about squashy grassunderneath the enormous perennials,Awaiting those dried leaves’ fallLanding heavily from a lower bough and turning tentative smiled into loud guffawsSquelching through damp meadows and thick sedge fenGazing the Sun immerse into the riverBeseechingly, eyeing up the firefliesThese are the moments we live for Picture courtesy: Pinterest

the sculptor

He reminiscences “Be mindful of how you perceiveAlways from the place of love and reverenceWith appreciation and gentle playfulnessPerceive it in its entiretyEvery nook and crannyEach dent and protuberanceRemember, it’s never what you carveBut, to know how to behold” He remembered. Under the impressionthat he doesn’t have the knowledge of any truthHe casts a glanceContinue reading “the sculptor”