nipples (an erotic short) — (armedwithcoffee)

(armedwithcoffee) is a beautiful blog venturing into the tasteful territory of erotica and piquantly capturing the images of the body letting reader’s imaginations run riot or should I say the imagery is so palpable and so well rendered that it leaves nothing to your imagination. Minimalistic, clean lines, the blog instantly catches your attention withContinue reading “nipples (an erotic short) — (armedwithcoffee)”

Tulasi (Ocimum Sanctum)

Ayurveda refers to tulsi or Holy Basil as “the incomparable one,” “mother medicine of nature” and “the queen of herbs”. Tulasi has medicinal usages extending from reducing ill effects of cancer to maintaining Brahmacharya. It is revered as an elixir of life for both its medicinal and spiritual properties. It belongs to the mint family and hasContinue reading “Tulasi (Ocimum Sanctum)”

better choices

” Your happiness is incumbent upon you.” Michael Barked. In retrospect, I didn’t carry my responsibilities in a proper way. I remember, when Thubita’s brass and ill-bread daughter banged my 4-5-month old daughter’s head on the Chauki then she, with Phabbir and his mother, broke into a cackle, I did try to laugh. My daughterContinue reading “better choices”

we grew up when we learned it

The secret of outmanoeuvring doesn’t lie in criticism. But performing better than your opponent. Talent and effort speak for itself. Best people never care for being the best… *** We don’t need to be flawless We don’t need to be the best We will succeed as we are We will celebrate this fest *** GrowingContinue reading “we grew up when we learned it”

Involuntary Euthanasia- The Time To Go — Kaushal Kishore

Honour killing, mercy killing, female foeticide and what not. As though in the name of tradition we must kill what’s alive in us. What feels the pain. Around fifteen years ago, I was in pain and it began to grow and proliferate inside me. Gradually I started connecting dots, understanding why the misrepresentation of somethingContinue reading “Involuntary Euthanasia- The Time To Go — Kaushal Kishore”