Who doesn’t love rain? When our thirsty ears lie in wait for rain drenched songs of earth. It’s my favourite season. 1.Pitter-patter prosody of heart’s crooning 2. Puddles and paper boats, air of festivity! The post is written in response to ‘Six word story prompt‘ hosted by Shweta

mocking and blocking

Wanting a wee bit pizzazz is not so demeaning. Joggle and wave your scooty or just pettifogging Mocking and blocking birds doss nonstop mock to block Awaiting to hear your keening soprano choke While some push to open up, improve and shine no matter what you earn — is just fine Boundaries lay firm, flexibleContinue reading “mocking and blocking”

the orphanage

Saltmort hunkered down for a flat stone and skimmed it along the lake. On turning back he scrambled up to the grassy bank, plonked down casting a glance around. His old ramshackle orphanage stood right ahead of him. Its dilapidated doors, worn patches on the wall, weathered stone steps, etiolated creepers curling around the pergolaContinue reading “the orphanage”