along the dirt road

An itsy-bitsy cluster of mud houses is nestled among colossal verdant banana farms. As the dawn breaks, dwellers dash off to their farms along the dirt-road throwing a cheeseparing glance to other farmers’ wives who are often caught leering at thousands of bananas spluttering ‘neath green and yellow skin while they are completely devoured byContinue reading “along the dirt road”

…and we dance

There are moments when we catch sight of the faintest glimmer of the truth. We fathom it out that everyone is trying to plot the map of their ‘right’ and we all are employing the tools bestowed upon each of us separately namely, the mind. We all are relentlessly wielding our swords to make ourContinue reading “…and we dance”

Love! Love! Love!

Love empowers. Hate disempowers, enslaved you, blindly toils to take away the right to your own life. Love and survival, two most powerful words that symbolize the commanding forces of nature. Love is spirit and isn’t tied to merely romance. It could be your mother, father, teacher, colleague, neighbour, stranger, friend, daughter, guru, virtually anyoneContinue reading “Love! Love! Love!”

an invitation to writers

Greetings everyone! Here is an invitation to writers and dreamers to submit their work for the upcoming anthology – Quiet Pulls to be published by Spectrum of Thoughts. Theme -: The book outlines the inexplicable mysteries of the soul beyond the bounds of rationalism.Genre -: OpenLanguage -: Hindi, EnglishEntry Fees -: Rs 250Submission ends onContinue reading “an invitation to writers”

the aroma of hummus

I stretched my legs on the deck and drew in, letting the wild smoke fill my lungs. I loved the naughty nips of the sensual vermilion evening. A few yards away Sunny was gazing at the horizon across the blue ocean, through her dark glasses, slowly melting into the salty water. She wrapped her paisleyContinue reading “the aroma of hummus”


Brumal tales woven through the fringe of her eyelashes, her eyes curled in soft crinkles. Her gaze, habitually aloof, drifted outside the thatched cottage. ” How did you come to know that drover?” he asked sternly. Suddenly her luscious eyes grew paler. Her glassy face mirrored the embers crackling ahead of her. ” I sawContinue reading “everlasting”

beloved supriya

I feel so thrilled to share an old post that I inadvertently came across today. Hope you enjoy it. Happy reading! Those impassioned, rhapsodic lyrics undulated gently upon my ears in a sublime mellifluous cadence. An irresistible power devoutly cajoled me into discovering the source of sweetness. Driving through the night I desperately peered intoContinue reading “beloved supriya”