begins with another ampersand

The heart of mushroom towns Like the one we sojourn, is nearly grime Men who are justly and timely ashamed frown Upon gravels when they have passed their prime They get a glimpse of women’s cleavage Only when they bend over to pick up those gravels From gloomy passages From where women emerge to satiateContinue reading “begins with another ampersand”

the amnesty

Placing the receiver back to cradle he tries to gauge me “My sister took a dump because she was dumped,” He clarifies Silence glaringly flouts and wails, “Does it benefit you to any extent?” The air is too hard to heal, My eyes stay glued until he turns the corner; Summer is approaching, Pushing theContinue reading “the amnesty”


Putting things in order, running like a headless chicken days went by. It’s just a few weeks since Tim pulled up the stakes and moved to this small town of India. Clearly, he didn’t know anyone here from Adams. When his new po-faced neighbour Mr Dixit raved about the girl next door, his heart turnedContinue reading “gentleman”

tonight my projection

The ghost of accumulated dreams is finally laid _ I hedge my bets From tracles of suitors Who peer at the impish roses Adorning my raven hair Soaked with scented lores Of secret nights _ When I pass by the mirror Torrents of my silent odeillade embodying my passion are laid to waste as you’reContinue reading “tonight my projection”

a note to my fellow bloggers and readers

Your unsolicited, at times unwelcomed, unacknowledged — unconditional love, affection & encouragement imparted the blessings that supported me all along my path to blogging/writing. It mellowed me & it strengthened me. Despite my humble literary backdrop, I chose English instead of my indigenous tongue. I believed that you never write because you have linguistic prowess.Continue reading “a note to my fellow bloggers and readers”

red wine chocolate cake

One of my 2021 resolution was – write a flash fiction inspired from BJD (Those who haven’t read her yet shall be kept at bay with silent bafflement.) by Helen Fielding, in January 2021. After a few weeks procrastination finally I managed to pen it down. A sharp bend in the midst of the conversation.Continue reading “red wine chocolate cake”

Petition to Support Removal of Nesset’s Work From Poetry Magazine. — Lucy’s Works and Co

I couldn’t figure out the full extent of damage perpetrated by the paedophilic person. Let’s just not let the horror of the atrocity leave us tongue-tied. Let’s be the voice of the voiceless. Let’s not look kindly on such a dreadful felony. Let us weed out such cancers from our society. I implore you toContinue reading “Petition to Support Removal of Nesset’s Work From Poetry Magazine. — Lucy’s Works and Co”