‘Unspoken words art thy slave’. But what about those roving in the dense forest of muses, I never trysted with? Those I never got to know? Even on perfectly normal, routine and vanilla days, having cast a glance upon the wide blue yonder peppered with twinkling stars, I allow myself to rise and levitate to venture through the distant inky darkness. There lies my arcane, eternal quest.

Few impish shooting stars homing in on me came close on the wheel of another. Soon after a while, rumbling from the fiercely blazing cosmic furnace to scattered sparkling stardust, my eyes eventually alighted on a varicoloured bank of clouds scudding athwart the sky. Feathery and gossamer, glistening merrily. I wish, I could seize a handful of wispy flakes and bring it to the slate of language, lovingly and unhurriedly sculpting them to a crisp articulation. Dursleys would never hold with such unadulterated codswallop!

Peace and love❦

Smita ℜay