same words different people

At the year-end with many thought-provoking and humorous posts, I felt inspired to pen this oneliner. Thank you so much Alex Markowich for the story. When I stumbled upon this post I instantly burst into laughter. That’s because we (using for ‘only I‘. So what? Everyone stretches the truth once in a while!) used to put such posts. Here is my one-line story:

After toiling day and night to have the world make sense when he was unable to help a few needy and deprived he said “ life is unfair” and when his brother saw him in pain he said “life is unfair”.

Wishing you Happy Christmas. Mirth and gaiety is all there. I hope Santa blesses you with all what you wished for. I hope your house is piled up with gifts, I hope your souls mate and your cakes are hot. Thank you so much.

Published by Smita Ray

Smita Ray is the mother of two lovely kids and hails from northeastern town Gorakhpur, U.P, India. Her perpetual displeasure arising from the hypocrisy in the society underneath the semblance of religion, culture as well as the conditioning for compliance urged her to put down the impressions in her mind. In her spare time, she likes to have some culinary adventures with her kids or crafts.

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