the long forgotten vale

Nunez lent his ears to the commotion coming from underneath the parochial shells. The vale, separated and long forgotten by the world at large, was tainted by arbitrary passe. Visual impairment sprung to pervasive inane ramblings. There were traces of nefarious activities behind the rampancy. Fifteen generations went without eyes. Usually the rambling was latched on each and every damn commodity already visible. The sanctity of life was solely contingent on prattling — to spark a distinct feeling and there was little leeway to really find something worthwhile to do that adds to the experience called life. It tickled his fancy for sure, all the same, nothing really enjoyable or meaningful to him. Further, it grimly called their reliability into question but there was more to come…

After throwing the last glance he made his way up the hills.

Published by Smita Ray

Smita Ray is the mother of two lovely kids and hails from northeastern India. Her perpetual displeasure arising from the hypocrisy in the society underneath the semblance of religion, culture as well as the conditioning for compliance urged her to put down the impressions in her mind. In her spare time, she likes to have some culinary adventures along with her kids trying new recipes or crafting. She describes herself as -- a soulmate, a life alighted on the earth catching the rhythm passing by her. A tinge of joy colours her world and lays its feet on the land where revellers are awaiting her to get into the groove.

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