a thump in the neighbourhood

All of a sudden a loud thump caught Michelle’s attention. Immediately she trotted down to Aunt Lecunia, her next-door neighbour.


An hour ago she arrived home after a long humdrum day, planning to put her feet up. Famished, she padded barefoot to the kitchen. Looking for something to sate her appetite, she ferreted in the fridge and rustled up a tangy noodle soup, her favourite comfort food 🍜 with whatever came to hand.


Michelle stood befuddled on the threshold as the door was wide open with no one in the sight. What if..? Her mind befogged by numerous doubts. On top of that, last time when she ventured Aunt Lecunia’s house she found herself in the middle of the worst fix ever. She blew a fuse and her laying into Michelle stuck in her craw.


Michelle brushed her misgivings aside, unable to quell the frantic beating of her heart, she trod cautiously in but that took the cake! Bang on time for a side-splitting sight to behold. Aunt Lecunia lay on the floor with her another craning neighbour wrestling to untangle her neck!

Written in response to Eugi’s weekly prompt ‘Neighbors’ July 20, 2020

Published by Smita Ray

A homemaker, a soulmate, a life brought on earth catching the rhythm passing by me. A tinge of joy that colours my world lays its feet on the land where revelers are awaiting me to get into the groove.

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