what do you see?

That doesn’t demand anything, is just a little observant,

Half-awake & half-asleep

That which isn’t attached to demand or possessions.

Pays no heed to the righteous or to the murmur.

Humanity? Truth? Lies?

What do you see?

” It’s not really about what I see. It’s more about the prospect. I am setting my intention to see the blade of grass and beetles and everything with the blue sky and sunshine in my eyes. Romanticizing everything. Diving deep into the newness. Shun the half baked ideas, baldfaced lies and respectability. The absurdity gushing forth as the tradition of lies. Yet, you don’t know…”

The storm is brewing inside me, pushing forward. Somehow the purpose is always attached to it and I am only half awake.

My wee attempt to write in response to the #keepitalive weekly prompt and weekly challenge ‘Observation‘ hosted by Eugenia.

Published by Smita Ray

A homemaker, a soulmate, a life brought on earth catching the rhythm passing by me. A tinge of joy that colours my world lays its feet on the land where revelers are awaiting me to get into the groove.

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