A hushed morning, with winter slowly maturing, melting into buttery sunshine. The storm brewing for two days now, though seemingly feeble, has receded. Cool breeze doesn’t prickle face and limbs any longer. Wispy sheets of silver snow neatly settled on the surface of the lake thaws. Woods alongside the lake, crawling with butterflies and birds make it a stunning spectacle to sour eyes. The valley rises from the brumal slumber and the mellifluous crooning of nature lulls me to sleep.

Written in response to Sue Vincent’s ‘write photo’ challenge.

Published by Smita Ray

Smita Ray is the mother of two lovely kids and hails from northeastern India. Her perpetual displeasure arising from the hypocrisy in the society underneath the semblance of religion, culture as well as the conditioning for compliance urged her to put down the impressions in her mind. In her spare time, she likes to have some culinary adventures along with her kids trying new recipes or crafting.

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