Thunder rumbled across the heavens, lightning flickered on and off behind the window. A heavy overcast sky with inky stormy clouds boiled and seethed. I ambled to the door and pushed ajar to peer outside. Huddles of sheep and cattle milled about the meadows that sat astride the hills. Tawny dogs were baying at close quarters.

After a while tiny dots emerged in the left horizon that slowly grew in size. By and by, more birds joined in and soared towards the hilltop.

In the meantime, a windy squall swept down the meadows towards the village making doors and windows rattle and swing viciously on hinges. A smattering of rain then a stormy gale followed by turn. My feet itched for tapping. I scooted off to call Heli and heavens opened at once.

” Let’s get outside, Heli!” I yelled to the highest pitch of my voice as pelting made it slightly difficult to be heard above the din.

“Rather you than me.” Slightly miffed she spurned. She had a headache since the morning.

It wasn’t a bad idea to flatter myself with a nice soak and bask in squelching along the bog as long as you wish.. Snow had already melted and spring was knocking just round the corner.

After an hour of a heavy downpour, it subsided to fine drizzled. In a short time, skies opened and the lush green valley gleamed golden and yellow. I squeezed my bedraggled cloths. A breathtaking spectacle caught my eyes, a tide of butterflies blotting the light swarmed up in the sky. Plants swayed and twirled, birds trilled joyful tunes and hopped from bough to bough. Those seeds I had buried in my garden turned out to be happy healthy sprouts!

Written in response to Photo prompt on Sue Vincent’s blog. (I took liberty to change the title. 🙂

Published by Smita Ray

A homemaker, a soulmate, a life brought on earth catching the rhythm passing by me. A tinge of joy that colours my world lays its feet on the land where revelers are awaiting me to get into the groove.

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